Our Services

We provide many services throughout your home or office ranging from thorough deep carpet cleaning to simple removal of those stubborn stains you cannot remove yourself.

Please find below a list of some of the cleaning services we provide for our customers.

Carpet cleaning 
You may think that regular vacuuming removes the dirt from your carpet - in fact the majority stays trapped in the pile. Deep hot water soil extraction cleaning will extend the life of your carpet by removing the harmful grit and soils which wear away at the fibres. The powerful vacuum eliminates the risk of over-wetting. The cleaning system will leave no sticky residue and the drying time is minimal (usually leaves your carpet dry in 2 hours).

Upholstery cleaning 
Cleans and rejuvenates the fabric giving it a new appearance and a fresh smell. Dry cleaning of upholstery is also now available.

Leather cleaning 
After the professional cleaning of your leather, we apply a finishing coating which enhances the appearance of the leather and prevents it from damage.

Rug cleaning
All types of rugs are cleaned, refreshed and restored to their former glory.

End of Tenancy 
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NEW Carpet Restoration Cleaning
With its intensive cleaning action, the Rotovac 360 restores heavily soiled carpets and matted traffic areas. The ROTOVAC 360 allows us to clean your carpets to the highest possible standard.

NEW Maintenance Carpet Cleaning
Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning is a very effective method of deep cleaning. A cleaning compound containing absorbent particles and emulsifiers, is brushed into the pile where it absorbs the soilage and is then extracted. The process minimizes disruption as it requires no drying time and enables carpets to return to use immediately. Enables carpets to be cleaned as often as required without damage or rapid resoiling.
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